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3 Ways to Fight Cavities While Enjoying Halloween Candy

We love Halloween! Even though we love good oral health, we also remember the pure joy of coming home with a bag full of candy after a night of Trick-or-Treating.

Here’s 3 ways you can help fight tooth decay when your house is filled with candy.

Be The Candy Gatekeeper.

Set limits on how often and how much candy your children can have by keeping control of the candy stash. The temptation of a candy binge may be too much for your little one to bare. So handing over the bag of goodies to your kiddo and telling them to “be careful” may not be the most successful strategy.

Eat Candy With Other Meals.

Treat Halloween candy as a dessert. By eating after regular meals, your children (and you!) won’t be as hungry, so you’ll crave less. Also, during the period after meals, your mouth is producing more saliva, which can help rinse away sugar from the candy.

Double-DOUBLE Check at Brushing Time.

Halloween is a good time to check in on the brushing and flossing habits of your children. Make sure they’re brushing at least two times a day, for two minutes each time. You can even use the timer on your phone to make sure they’re brushing for a long enough time.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

And, after Halloween is a great time to bring the little one’s in for a check up.

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Drew Collins