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The 3 Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth for Summer


Summer is a time for smiling! But over time, a natural amount of discoloration can occur in teeth and diminish their sparkle. It's perfectly natural and is caused simply by eating and drinking each day. Many people choose to whiten their teeth to help restore their luster. But which type of whitening is best for you? 

The answer? It depends...

Factors like the severity of discoloration, budget, and timing all impact which whitening solution is best for a patient's specific situation. Here's a rundown of the options we provide.

Prescription Strength Whitening Strips

Cost: Budget-Friendly

Length: 10 Days

Overview: This is a great option If you've never whitened before. You'll learn if you have any side effects from the whitening gel (sensitivity) and your dentist can see how your teeth respond to the treatment. This is a cost-effective way to try teeth whitening for the first time.

Custom Trays with Prescription Gel

Cost: Moderate

Length: 10 Days

Overview: The custom tray means you get a uniform, more comprehensive fit to your teeth. The whitening is more precisely and evenly applied and covers more of the tooth surface than traditional white strips. Although the application period is about the same as strips, most patients experience a brighter white than with strips. 

Zoom In-Office Whitening




Cost: Upper range

Length: One 90-minute office visit

Overview: You'll walk out of the dentist office with noticeably whiter teeth. The dentist applies the whitening gel and then uses a special light to accelerate the process. This service includes a custom tray for future use–so you'll only need to buy the gel for touch ups. This is great for special occasions like weddings or dances. 

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Drew Collins